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General Guidelines

The Foundation supports projects that generally adhere to our mission statement. The overriding purpose of the Foundation is to provide benefits to humanity, but in doing so it is important that areas of particular interest to the founders, Misses Gwen and Edna Jones, are taken into consideration.
Such areas include, but are not limited to:
The Foundation prefers to support projects that benefit communities located in the Western District of Victoria.
After reading all of the information provided here, if you are unsure whether you may qualify for a grant you should forward a letter to the Foundation, detailing the project for which you seek funding. The Foundation will then advise you whether your project will be considered and you will be requested to provide additional information.

Funding Priorities

Priority will be given to applications that:

Other Funding Areas

The Foundation may consider applications in the following areas:


The Foundation will not fund:

Period of Funding

The Foundation will consider projects that require funding for up to three years. Projects that seek funding beyond three years may be considered, but will be reviewed by the Foundation on a regular basis.

Funding Limits

While there is no specific limit to the amount of funding, applicants should be aware that even if your application is successful, it may be for a lesser amount than that requested.


In some cases we will impose a condition of funding that a report is submitted to the Foundation at the conclusion of the project. The Foundation may request regular reporting in the case of a long-term project.

Other Important Notes for Applicants