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The foundation

The Gwen and Edna Jones Foundation was established in 1974 by sisters, Gwen and Edna Jones.
The Misses Jones, as they were widely known, owned The Union Station. At over 5000 acres, The Union Station was one of the largest agricultural properties in the Western District of Victoria.
Gwen and Edna had lived on the property at Woolsthorpe, just north of Warrnambool, for much of their lives. The Foundation was established for the benefit of the community after their deaths.
Both ladies lived long and full lives, with Edna passing away in 1995 at age 85 and Gwen in 2000 at age 91.
The Union Station, together with the livestock, plant and equipment, was sold at auction on November 23, 2001.
The funds from the sale were carefully invested which has allowed the Board of Directors to oversee donations to a variety of organizations and charities throughout the Western District of Victoria.


To fund projects and ideas of substance and innovation in the Western District of Victoria for the lasting improvement of the health, education and general well being of the community.


  • Innovation
  • Commitment
  • Integrity
  • Leadership
  • Practicality
  • Sustainability


James Tait
John Hunt
Eric Williams
Margaret Lucas